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Bible Byte Communications is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to teaching the Bible via the Internet.

Take a "Byte" of Inspiration
In this age of fast-paced, real time learning, there are great benefits and blessings from a "byte-sized" teaching (sermon/devotional) from God’s healing Word giving us a lifeline to Him that continues throughout the day. Our goal is to share these weekly teachings with you so you can receive the same pleasures we enjoy. 

We did not make this site to replace your personal study of God’s Word or your fellowship with those in your place of worship. Our purpose is to enhance your spiritual growth in these areas. God’s healing Word can speak to our hearts twenty-four hours a day, and we designed Bible Byte Communications to help you see God’s love and healing deliverance promised in the Holy Scriptures.

Bible Byte Communications is built on the rock, Christ Jesus, teaching for the glory of God, for the furtherance of the Gospel, and for the love of His healing Word. Enjoying a Bible Byte connects the believer's heart to that of the Creator's, which helps to nurture your personal love and devotion in God's healing Word.

Reflecting on a Bible Byte (a mini sermon) from God's Word can help us keep Him and our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ at the forefront of our lives.

God blesses you,

Larry M. Jaynes
President and Founder

We are a nonprofit Christian group dedicated to helping people discover and continue their personal relationship with the Creator. If you would like to make a charitable donation either online or by mail to help keep this site open, then first please read our "Donate" page.

Comments: You are welcome to e-mail us here at Bible Byte Communications or you may send us a letter to:

Bible Byte Communications,
PO Box 814
Wiscasset, ME 04578

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Note: Our on-line Bookstore is temporarily closed. 
Our eBooklets are located at Payloadz

I have held many things in my hands and have lost them all . . . But whatsoever I have placed in God's hands - that I still possess.” Martin Luther  

Our founding principle was initially to provide Bible studies for people who have access to the internet and who were unable to attend a church or fellowship due to illnesses or disabilities or distances. Over time we have found that people from all walks of life who live all over the world and of all ages have received blessings from our unique insight of the Bible and how we explain the many details of God’s love and salvation.

Our prayer for our readers is that they continue to grow in God’s everlasting, healing Word, His eternal love, His unceasing mercy, and His unending grace.


Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.” Psalms 68:19.

You are welcome to help us spread God’s Healing Word and Will through your donations to Bible Byte Communications, based in Wiscasset, Maine. Your aid greatly helps our internet presence around the world. Our organization works to spread His Word to people, and your financial help is gratefully appreciated.

We firmly believe that you should NOT give what you need to live on, only if you are blessed and willing to give. Please take care of you and yours before you would consider offering us a donation. May you truly be inspired and blessed by the LORD before you help, as we read in Deuteronomy 16:17 “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee.”

Comments, Suggestions, and Prayer Request:

We would enjoy hearing from you; your comments and suggestions are always welcome - please use the Contact Us form, above. Be sure to include your name and your specific question or concern or suggestion. If a response is requested we will reply as quickly as possible. We hold your comments and email address in confidence, and we will not send unsolicited emails or redistribute your email address to anyone, ever!

Prayer Request:
You are always welcome to send us your name and prayer request and we will add you onto our daily prayer list. We will pray for and with you during our morning prayers, and be assured that your name will only be known to our in-house prayer partners, our heavenly Father in Christ’s name, and never shared with anyone outside of our fellowship. 2001 Excellence Award Inspirational Christian Site Award from


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