Our Name – Bible Byte Communications – from the Greek

B ί β λ ο ς = Biblos in Greek/English and means a scroll. This word is used in Matthew 19:8 translated writing. Biblos is the word used for the entire Bible.

P η μ α τ ι = Rhēma in Greek/English and means that which is spoken. It is a small portion of the whole Bible (Biblos). This word rhēma is used in John 17:8 and translated words (the plural form of rhēma). Rhēma can represent a single word, a sentence, or a sermon from the Scriptures, and as well, the word rhēma is a Bible Byte.

K ο ι ν ω ν ί α = Koinōnia in Greek/English and means fellowship, communicating, and a full sharing or a communion with God’s Word. This word is used in Hebrews 13:16 translated communicate. Koinōnia implies communicating (and enjoying a full sharing of God’s Word with fellow likeminded believers) as His Word becomes the centerpiece of all true Christian fellowship.

Thus, Biblos, Rhēma, Koinōnia means Bible Byte Communications!