Snuggle – for Comfort and Solace (The Creature Comforters)

“Do you recall the time in the Gospels when Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days at the outset of his ministry, and he was tempted of Satan– Mark 1:13. Jesus also was with {meta} the wild beasts– Mark 1:12. Many people assume that these wild beasts were chasing Jesus around in the wilderness for those forty days as part of those temptations, but the Scriptures do not support such assumptions or theatrics. The Greek word used for with is the preposition meta and it denotes association and companionship with the wild beasts. Jesus uses this preposition meta in Matthew 12:30, He that is not with {meta} me is against me, this certainly demonstrates that Jesus was with the wild beasts rather than them being against him in any way. Thus, the wild beasts were with Jesus to provide him with comfort and companionship through his torments, and therefore, there must have been some forms of real, heartfelt communications between Jesus and those wild beasts, and are why God tells us that Jesus was with them throughout his trials. God provided Jesus with aid and comfort from His original creation of animals until the angels arrived and ministered to him some forty days later (Matthew 4:11). We cannot fully grasp this companionship and communication that Jesus had to have had with those wild beasts, except perhaps if we have experienced the way our domestic pets and animals cuddle up and caress us in times of great distress. When we are saddened or under duress or terrified of something, our pets do seem to ‘sense’ our ‘feelings’ of hurt, or pains of loss, or fears, or when we are emotionally distraught, they seem to understand by providing us with comfort and solace at times. This is a semblance of what Jesus had experienced with those wild beasts.” ~LMJ~