The Father’s Will for Us, His Children

“Every father knows that he only wants what is best for his own children.  We fathers say be good to our children, and really that is all we want and expect from them, and if we get it most of the time, then we fathers are quite content.  We want them to be good in whatever endeavors they pursue in life, and we want them to be happy.  This is also the Father’s will for us, His children, to be good, happy, and, hopefully, out of trouble as well.  If we can control our money, appetites, and sexual desires, and wear comfortable shoes, sleep in a comfortable bed, and feel comfortable in our clothes, then we will have every reason to be good, happy, and out of trouble. God does not demand that we, against our will, obey Him and be good, but He wants us to.  This is why in Ephesians 2:10 the Word of God says that we should walk in His good works, works He made available for us.  We definitely should, but still it is not a commandment or demand but a loving request.  It is only when we try them that we realize those good works are made especially for our own good.  We can build the desire to want to do them as well, for only then does the Word of God come to life and nourish our souls as we prosper in the abundance of His Word.” ~LMJ~