Take Two

In Romans 6:3 we are encouraged to walk in newness of life; the Greek word for newness is kainotēs meaning to be made new, and different from that which came before, and in the sense of coming in the place of what had been earlier. Romans 6:3 is in reference to our walk with God as being something new in every detail, and the details are pervaded by the impulses of the newness within. Then we further ahead read that we are to serve in newness {kainotēs} of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter- Romans 7:6. As Roman 6:3 kainotēs is relating to our new walk before God, Romans 7:6 is relating to our walk of service before God. This is so new that we cannot read how to serve by knowing the oldness of the letter which is the letter of the law and connects only to the intellect, but to our new (kainotēs) spiritual nature and identity in Christ that inspires us to serve through spiritual impulses that guide the heart into a gracious walk before God. We have received the newness of life within to walk before God, and we have received the spirit of God (that newness of life) so that we may also serve without.” ~LMJ~