This Is Pretty Cool (Don’t Ya Think?)

My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother– Proverbs 1:8. In this verse, God’s Word divides the responsibilities of raising children between mom and dad.  I understand that some families only have a mom or a dad and in these cases God’s grace covers to allow the single parent to assume both jobs. The instructions of thy father relate to the father teaching the Scriptures, to teach the children about spiritual matters as the father learns them himself.  The law of thy mother relates to giving loving counsel and understanding regarding physical matters. In the eastern cultures even today they practice this eternal truth, and we hardly ever hear of juvenile delinquents when this simple principle is adhered to in their families. Following God’s instructions literally brings Him into the family so that there is a standard of truth beyond simply what mom and dad may instruct; this is pretty cool, don’t ya think?” ~LMJ~