Our Father

“When Jesus Christ was physically here walking upon this earth, one of his missions was to make God known as a very accessible heavenly Father. In the process of revealing the Father, Jesus was concurrently fulfilling the Old Testament Law and redeeming humanity. Hearing about this new concept that God was to become their heavenly Father was an exciting revelation set levels above what man ever imagined in relation to the God of Creation. Many people in both the Old Testament and Gospel times referred to God as I AM THAT I AM (Exodus 3:14), or the UNKNOWN GOD (Acts 17:23), so the contrast of perceiving God Almighty, the actual Creator of the Heavens and Earth, as an actual Father was a completely foreign concept and was astounding to them in every conceivable detail. During the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus references the heavenly Father no less than seventeen times, and each mention is an enlightening explanation of the Father’s desired relationship with man. Today when we hear phrases in reference to God being a Father, or the heavenly Father, or our Father, these sayings do not surprise us at all because we have become comfortable with these terms for God. The terminology of God the Father has been taught in seminaries, churches, and Sunday schools around the world for centuries. However, back in the first century, the conceptual suggestion of referring to the God of Abraham as their Father was an incredible mind-blower. Jesus was, as we say these days, pushing the envelope with new teachings opposed to the standards of philosophical or spiritual thought of that day.” ~LMJ~