The Four Mary’s in Jesus’ Life

“Jesus had four separate women named Mary in his life. They are as follows:

Mary, the Mother of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38).

Mary Magdalene, or Mary of Magdala (Mark 16:9, John 20:18).

Mary who was Lazarus’ and Martha’s sister (Luke 10:39, 42, and John 11:1-12:3).

Mary who was the wife of Cleopas, (John 19:25), and the mother of James the less (junior) and Joses (Matthew 27:56); this Mary is referred to as the other Mary– Matthew 28:1.

There are two other women named Mary in the New Testament, but there is no biblical evidence they ever knew Jesus when he walked. One is Mary the mother of John Mark (Acts 12:12), and the other Mary lived in Rome, the Apostle Paul greets her in the Epistle to the Romans (Romans 16:6).” ~LMJ~