Have a Lovely Walk Today (And Hey, Why Not Tomorrow as Well)

“How we act at any given moment can depend on how much of God’s Word we have placed in our hearts. How we act, believe, and move in any situation can and really should be based upon one thing and one thing only, the love of God.  To act and do with God’s love brings great reward to our lives. We have a zillion things to think about that are not recorded in God’s Word such as the rent, bills, the car, and the things we need to do just to get through the workday. You know that, I know that, and most of all God knows that as well.  God’s point is NOT if you think about anything but Him and His Word, then you are in trouble, and the Devil will get you! God knows that there needs to be a balance in life and all we really need to do is live – love.  God’s major point for us throughout His Word is that we can apply His love in all of life’s situations to enhance our spiritual perspective.  The more of His Word we have laid up in our minds, then the more we have in our spiritual treasure chest to rely on in life, in this life, so we can continue to walk in love.” ~LMJ~