A Structure of Genesis 19:1-26:

Titled: A Day with Lot and the Angels

(Repeated Alternation Structure)

A. 1| verses 1-4, Evening. The Angels’ reception by Lot.

    B. 1| verses 6-8, Lot’s grievances with sodomites.

A. 2| verses 10-13, Nighttime. The Angels’ protection of Lot. (Announcement of the destruction of Sodom.)

    B. 2| verse 14, Lot’s criticisms of his family.

A. 3| verses 15-17, Dawning. Jehovah merciful with Lot.

    B. 3| verses 18-20, Lot’s rights with Jehovah.

A. 4| verses 21-26, Sunrise. Jehovah’s acquiescence with Lot. (Destruction of Sodom.)

As illustrated in the E-booklet series, Geneses (chapter eight), written by ~LMJ~