A Structure of John 15:10:

Titled: Keeping the Commandments and Abiding in Love (note the words in A. keep & commandments, and the words in B. abide & love)

(An Alternation Structure)

A.| verse 10a, If ye keep my commandments. (PROPOSITION – why do what I say, says Jesus)

    B.| verse 10b, Ye shall abide in my love. (IF – you follow my instructions, then a reward – my abiding love)

A.| verse 10c, Even as I keep my Father’s commandments. (EXAMPLE – because I do, I am your example)

    B.| verse 10d, And abide in my love. (RESULT – you will abide – in my love)

As illustrated in the E-book series, Geneses (chapter eight), written by ~LMJ~