An Episode in America’s Freedom

Written by Larry M. Jaynes:

(The following is a bonus excerpt from a former study that was titled” Episodes in America’s Freedom, Part One: Reflections in Common Sense, Logic, and Reason. . .)

“. . . We highlight and bear witness to one of the most astounding epics in America’s history that displays the single greatest event of all time about one of the most peaceable transformations of power and government that has ever transpired in a society since man was expelled from Paradise. The United States exchanged its form of government from one form of laws, principles, rules, and constitution (The Articles of Confederation) to a completely different form of government, effortlessly (The Constitution of the United States*).

This episode in America’s history all came forward without any armies forming, without a signal cannon being lit, without a musket being fired, without a sword being drawn, without a single leader being forcibly replaced, imprisoned, or hung on the gallows, without the formation of any firing squads, without a drop of blood being spilt, and no one had to go into exile. The only activity was unnoticeably held behind closed doors as a series of vigorous debates over words, principles, and semantics while a more perfect union was being formed from principled reason into notes and then painstakingly constructed onto a sheet of parchment and collectively signed by its participants.

The weapons that were used to make this metamorphosis possible were the iron pen and ink, simply by connecting the right words together detailing the way to a more perfect union of and for man and country that would stand the test of time. The battlefield in this amazing epic was first, the human mind; then, the very land they represented and stood upon, and the victory won was awarded to all of the people in America. Yet this incredible drama has slipped through history almost unknown and unappreciated by many people of the contemporary generation because these are not generally school or public square or water cooler subjects any longer.

So astounding was the event, so impossible was the result that it shook the halls in legal chambers around the world and left them in speechless awe so that the event could only be categorized as a miracle, and miracles cannot happen without the phenomenal Providence of the Supreme Being’s intervention. This intervention we may examine in the actual words, this miracle we may comprehend, and the outcome and prize offered and received we may evaluate and enjoy through understanding its parts that form the whole vision of liberty offered and received. The forming of a new government and adding its Bill of Rights in December, 1791 to the one page document only took only twenty-three minutes to read aloud.

The event happened in an age when all the stars lined up and shined down upon a small group of men for a very brief moment in history, between Friday, May 25, 1787, and Monday, September 17, 1787, whereon they signed the new document. This inspiring light showed the way for a unique group of men gathered in the State House in Philadelphia where inspiration and sound thinking stimulated the human heart to reach for and grasp, as a collective body, the foundations of excellence, a more perfect union.

Upon this foundation, they formed and built, word by word and line by line, understandable reason that composed a new formula for government, unequaled in the world, before or since. Dare anyone say that they brought political science to its zenith? Yes, I dare to say so because it is true, and it has remained settled science since its inception! So true that they put the formulas down on paper in easy to read prose, phrases, and articles that worked every time from then to the present, no matter who performs the experiments (i.e., the American experiment applied by the “individual or the collective citizen equally”). Nothing this grand was so realized aforetime, nothing so marvelous was previously given to govern in the affairs of man, and nothing so splendid will ever come this way again. . .

The principles and protocols in their schematics were applicable for a strong government and equally pliable for a vibrant, exceptional, and hopeful people. Their labors produced momentous mechanisms of governing-liberty for the group and for the individual, for the rich and for the poor, for the young and for the old, for the educated and for the uneducated, and these instruments of laws and rights distributed powers more fairly and equally to all in every geographical location within its borders, whether secular or religious ― all were awarded freedom’s joys and blessings of liberty.

Out of chaos, the newly designed principles brought forth freedom, peace, and order amidst the dire-straits of a broken, powerless system. Out of foreign and domestic threats, and financial destruction, the freshly drawn up schematics distributed trust, confidence, prosperity, and safety to its populace. Out of insecurity and obscurity, the iron pen crafted and etched out filigrees of palatable liberty, clarity of justice, light amid an encroaching darkness while all the while personal rights sprouted in the hearts of the hopeful recipients.

Out of confusion, the proof of their protocols delivered order, sanity, and a viable guide to govern nation and self with unequaled tranquility. These new treaties lead man’s inner aspirations out to the light of creativity as a free-spirited procession of discovery of human potential began emerging under the security of free-willed liberty to rise and amend depleted hopes back into renewed, obtainable reality. This started a revival that to this day still inspires the world at large.

What was this formula that the world had never seen or experienced before, that worked so amazingly, and that brought the nation out of darkness? It was the Constitution of the United States ― this was man’s Miracle received; the hope of the whole world was realized in one, three‑part document for We the People.

Perhaps the greatest feat of all time in American history was the process that lead us to the result that the founders’ labor produced; specifically, a governing document that shaped a more perfect union. This unified government blossomed purely from the purposeful methods born out of the founders’ eagerness to work together as they collectively with one mind and heart revolved purely around uncontaminated reason to obtain our more perfect union.

Monumental was the task before them (monumental is the task still before us to sustain Mother Liberty); you see, it is nearly impossible to get five equally reasonable men to agree on any one subject, yet they, as a collective group did, and they did so for over one-hundred days. Greater than fifty men commenced and entered into the fair-minded challenge for America’s future at a time when they were the world’s laughing stock because although they won the war of independence they were losing the peace as factions within America were dividing the country into parts and pieces and powers from without were trying to stake claim to them as well. The framers were the last hope of millions (and hundreds of millions to come), and they succeeded more so than they realized upon the day of signing the Constitution over to the Continental Congress, the States, and the people for judgment and ratification.

And an amazing thing happened; they the people gave we the people the same gem they formulated and the whole populous were and still are drawn along into a perfect confluence of their reason. Thankfully these men debated over the document’s details rather than talking themselves out of the document and we to this very day became the living links back to the convention that originally assembled in the city of love, and its outcomes still live to caress us in our own personal abodes. On that blissful day of ratification on June 21, 1788, they cloned that time for us to experience because we still live in the same, most excellent experiment of the ages.

The framers possessed an amazing capacity to overcome political differences and personal indifferences while they formed-out well balanced principles and far-reaching conciliations about man’s basic fears of government and their equal need for a strong central government, and for its power given by the collective local governments chosen OF THE PEOPLE to serve ― We the People.

These men oftentimes could disagree over the implications in specific provisions within the document’s construction, but they were restrained by personal, disciplined outlines and self-imposed boundaries that gave them entry to an apparatus for compromise which lead to the prize of receiving the greatest liberty ever collected and given for its citizenry to pursue.

Their energetic spirit was a spirit of equality and gave way to very clear methods and practices that could reconcile most all of their personal disagreements as they set and established a new central STANDARD for the ages.

Our founding fathers went way outside of their commission for even assembling in Philadelphia, as their mandate was to find possible ways of bolstering up the Articles of Confederation for its continued success. The conduct of the assembly could have been considered an act of treason against the Articles of Confederation, mutiny against the Congress of the Confederation, and insults against their own countrymen who had sacrificed so much in the last war to win their independence! The framers actually invoked another act founded in the Declaration of Independence by putting off an unworkable, unprofitable, unfixable Constitution, and an inapt government, and started over from scratch ― again.

What they actually did may have ignited another rebellion from within its borders that could have set in motion a worse fate than their present situation presented. Still the new Constitution became the law of the land, a collective conscience that established principles unto itself and unto its united people. The almost supernatural Constitution began setting boundaries for discussion, gave parameters for equality, gave guidelines for refined debates, and ultimately became a remedy for comforting so much worry and fear – imaginary and real – present and future.

Declarations and Constitutions have come and gone through time. In fact, the American Constitution is continuously the longest lasting Constitution in the entire world today; it has endured twice as long as any other current Constitution.

Once a book dealer went into a book collector’s shop and asked if they carried any copies of the French Constitution, and the desk clerk replied, “Sorry, we do not deal in periodical literature.” This could be said for most of the Constitutions written from all around the world that have come and fell by the wayside, only to be replaced by ever newer versions, some lasting only hours, days, weeks, months, or a few years.

Yes, many countries have remained the same country for much longer than the United States, but our Constitution has stood through the storms of time and has outlasted all the others.

The document they formed with its Bill of Rights showcased not only the concerns of an age now bygone, it still reveals the personification in the character and wisdom of modern man to govern himself with a secure standard, and reaches forward with security, hope, and direction for America’s continued future.

I liken the Constitution to Lady Liberty. Adorn and protect her like she was your mother, her arms are held out to you and yours, as well as to me and mine, but do we now recoil from her embrace? The question is, can we hold her and protect her as she has done for us or are the lecturing attitudes of all too many elites correct that she is going, going, and soon to be gone to the ages superimposed and laid to rest in the ruins of societies’ past Constitutions, to be placed upon script-heaps of funeral pyres? She is the last hope of this world; she is what protects us from the peripheries of hopelessness as no one and no government or peoples in this world are able to save us, nor are they willing to accept us as we are, stewards and light-bearers of liberty united under our Constitution that was labored and delivered and born for the birth of freedom, endowing us with unalienable rights that favor the pursuit of our own secured happiness.

Even with all of our individual goals, hopes, and dreams, and vastly different lifestyles, we all can have a common objective and standard rooted firmly in the Constitution to protect each other’s personal rights. This was the intent of the founding fathers because each side (religious and nonreligious) counterbalances the other which makes for somewhat of an “I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine” concept. I can freely study and live with biblical principles without fear of my government storming into my house with gag orders or an arrest warrant, and you can do and be whatever you desire without any such pressures. How amazingly wonderful this is for us ― We the People!

The Constitution protects the believers in sundry religions throughout this country. The religious can enjoy their individual relationship with God without external pressures from the government, and if this is not living in the sweet spot of life, well then there never was one.

The Constitution protects the secularist in sundry activity throughout this country. The secular can take pleasure from their individual associations without external pressures from the government, and if this is not living in the sweet spot of life, well then there never was one.

Until Christ returns, we believers are in a relatively safe place, better than any time in the history of the world since Paradise; and until Christ returns the unbeliever is in a relatively safe place, better than any time in the history of the world since man’s fall from grace, thanks to our Constitution!

Together we are sharing this land and OUR jointly owned Constitution, we have our hope and they theirs, but together we enjoy the greatest country on the face of the whole earth. Both have vested interest in protecting each other’s rights. If we chip away at an opposing side to lessen their stance on the Constitution, we actually destroy something equally as great on our side in other opposite ways. This is the structured perfection and flawless balance within the document itself; this is our every reason to uphold it all as incomparable. The Constitution is our legally signed contract that the founders gave to us not only to enjoy but to protect with all reverence. . .”

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