Framing the Very Essence of God’s Habitation

“Ephesians 2:21 reads In whom {in Christ} all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: It is we, the believers, who spiritually grow within the temple, and we are framed together to make up the true spiritual temple that is growing in the Lord. You may wonder: How in the world can people make up a temple? Ephesians 2:22 explains, In whom {the Lord} ye also are builded {up} together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. We are not only spiritually framed together in the temple of God, but we are also being spiritually builded {up} together to be the habitation of God. We know where we physically dwell, the place that we call our home, while spiritually speaking we are the place where God spiritually dwells, the place He calls His home, for we are indeed intimate members of His dwelling. Not only do we have continued access to God, not only are we conducting our lives on the foundation of Christ, not only are we growing spiritually within the true temple of God, but we are also the place where the Creator of life has His habitation. We have access to God by the spirit that He gave us, and Ephesians 2:22 shows that God Himself inhabits the believers through or by means of the Spirit, and Spirit is the very essence of God.” ~LMJ~