Giving Thanks

And Jesus took the loaves {5 loaves of bread}; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down {about five thousand people}; and likewise of the fishes {2 small fishes} as much as they would– John 6:11. When Jesus gave thanks, he was asking for God’s blessings on what they had, that the blessing would go a very, very long way — and it certainly did. This is the power of true prayer with the giving of thanks to God in prayer. Jesus did not see any lack in the limited amount of the food he had, but he thanked God to do miraculous things with the little they had for a multitude of people, for giving prosperity to those for whom Jesus was responsible, and everybody thankfully had as much as they would.” ~LMJ~

Power to Get and to Enjoy Wealth

“There is nothing wrong with having money or being rich. In fact, it is God Who gives believers the power to get wealth– Deuteronomy 8:18. Wealth is often incalculable, such as having companionship, love, a family, close friends, food, and a warm place to lay our heads at night ― these are all intangibles that cannot be calculated, yet they all are invaluable varieties of wealth. Not only does God give us power to get wealth but He also gives us power to enjoy any and all the wealth we receive. Often people with money are so busy acquiring, stockpiling, investing, and protecting it that they never seem to have any time left to enjoy it; however, God’s will for us is to enjoy our lives with all that He gives.” ~LMJ~

The Seeds of Authentic Abundance (What Is Not in the Scriptures Is so Often Just as Important as What Is in the Scriptures!)

“The phrase seed money, as far as giving and tithing to a church or TV ministry is concerned, is wrong to the core. Using this phrase instills a counterfeit concept because the giving should come from the product produced and one should not be giving away their seeds. Deuteronomy 16:17 teaches us that, “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee.” The blessings must come first! Not until the seeds produce are believers to give from the abundance! Even the Children of Israel never gave their seeds away, but a handful of their firstfruits from the produce of their seeds, freely offered in thankfulness for God’s abundant blessings upon them and their land! The heart of the matter is that we may give when we are inspired by God, but His Word does not say to do so out of the household funds, like your food or lights or gas or the children’s lunch money; that is just plain irresponsible. God gave you your money first and foremost for your needs. God supplies your needs as much He does theirs, and if He is not supplying theirs, then they are doing something wrong. You are not simply a means of revenue or a cash flow pawn for the luxury of leather-tongued orators whose so-called ministry is to guilt you into giving! So, do we believe God’s Word? Believing God’s Word is planting the seeds of authentic abundance which in turn open up the floodgates to His abundant healing Word along with our absolutely enjoying His fullness. Question: Would you happen to know where that verse is where Jesus says, C’mon Man, Where’s That Seed Money? Cause I’m Only Gonna Work in the Shade Where Your Seed Money Grows. Oh, it’s not in the KJV Bible you say? Well then, Lesson Learned! Also, where are the verses where Jesus was taking from his followers? Because I can only find verses where he gives of himself and his very life so that his people could receive ─ first! Are we not his people, or do we belong only if we have seed money for gleaners who usurp his good name for lucre?  What Is Not in the Scriptures Is so Often Just as Important as What Is in the Scriptures!” ~LMJ~

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