I Am Aware of Why I Am!

“I Am Aware – I Am – Me ─ A Man (At Least, I Think of Me – Therefore I Am – Somebody…)

When God breathed in man, into the formed dust of the earth, man was made to be more than the sum of his total parts, man became aware of himself, a living soul breathing upon the creation of God ─ a Man!

Aware I Am – His Man  I Am  ─ Amen (At Last, I Think on Him – Therefore I Am – His Child!)

When God created spirit in the formed and made man, man became aware that his spiritual life was created with the sum of his total parts to fellowship with his Maker upon the creation of God ─ Amen!” ~LMJ~


“God created the creation itself, and the Earth within the creation was created for man. The Earth and all that is therein were given to man by God to sustain his physical life. Man was formed, made, and created for God, and it is He Who sustains man’s spiritual life so we (God in Christ in you and me) could enjoy each other’s combination of fellowship in the Spirit– Philippians 2:1.” ~LMJ~