Christ is Physically in Heaven and You Are Physically on the Earth, but Christ Is Spiritually in You on Earth, and You Are Spiritually in Christ in Heaven

“The Epistle of Ephesians shows us that God has set us up on high with Christ Jesus. Yes, we are physically here upon this earth. However, Ephesians also reveals God’s true spiritual viewpoint of us, that we are already spiritually seated in the heavenlies with Christ. Ephesians guides us with heavenly insights about how to enjoy our new life together with Christ.” ~LMJ~

A.| Christ is physically in heaven. (at the right hand of God, holding our seat)

B.| Christ in you. (our standing with-in him)

C.| Christ is making intersession. (to God for us in heaven, our witness)

A.| You are spiritually in the heavenlies with Christ. (seated with him)

B.| You in Christ. (your fellowship with him)

C.| You make intersession for Christ. (in his stead on earth, his witnesses)