Easy to Know, to Live, and to Enjoy

“Sometimes Christianity can become confusing when external tagalongs fasten themselves to the believer’s walk. There are many things that appear to be a part of the Church of God yet only hinder the believer from walking in the light of God’s Word. For instance: Have you ever been told the Bible says that you have to do this, or you need to do this? However, the Epistles never say thou shalt, or thou shalt not, regarding laws or commandments, rather the Epistles give the believers almost unimaginable freedom by offering to give us whatever we need to enjoy our eternal lives with God in Christ which has already begun in our lives. Anything and everything that the Epistles reveal to the believers is offered by God’s grace, and it is literally God’s love that activates our believing to receive from God. God never made the Christian lifestyle to be burdensome but rather easy to know, to live, and to enjoy.” ~LMJ~

Giving Thanks Unto the Father

Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet {worthy} to be partakers of the inheritance of {all} the saints in light– Colossians 1:12. The Father has indeed made us worthy to partake in our heavenly inheritance. The saints in light are believers who have experienced their inheritance which is discovered and enjoyed from within the light of God’s Word.” ~LMJ~