The Word Girdeth by Itself Sounds Silly, but when you are with God it is Perfect

“Psalms 18:30 reads, As for God, his way is perfect. Men may think that God’s way and His Word are full of imperfections; however, in the eyes of God, as we are taught His Word, and when we believe to live the way that is called perfect, then God begins revealing the realities of Himself to our minds. This is what is important to us who believe ─ who gives a hoot what unbelievers think? We can live it up with our heavenly Father in the way that is perfect rather than to worry what the neighbors might think about our enjoying and living in the way God teaches us. It is God that girdeth me {and you} with strength, and maketh my way {and yours} perfect– Psalms 18:32.” ~LMJ~