Jesus Said

Jesus said, ye believe in God, believe also in me– John 14:1, and yes ─ many admit: Oh yeah, I do believe in God, or at the very least they say, I think there is a God or some kind of supreme being up there – somewhere – in the great unknown. For these people, the Father is, for all practical purposes, unknown to them. They have never seen His fatherly qualities and they honestly have only an inkling about Him because without first really knowing and believing in Jesus Christ, one cannot believe in the way that their heavenly Father would have them believe. Jesus taught in John 14:23, If a man love me, he will keep {watch over, and take care of} my words: and my Father will love him {you}, and we {both Jesus and our heavenly Father} will come unto him {you}, and make our abode with him {you}. Jesus is the only real answer to understanding the heart and true will of our heavenly Father Who is presently with Christ Jesus, and therefore they can be an intricate part of your inner soul’s foundation, for they will come unto him {you}, and make our abode with him {you}. Since this is true (as Jesus says it is, and we keep and watch over his words like a treasure), then we have a lot to discover about their abiding presence within. Although this is, for the most part, a foreign concept, it is all made clear as we find and then begin walking with the Son of God.” ~LMJ~