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Geneses (Plural), Chapter One, Six or Seven Days, Six or Seven Thousand Years, Millenniums or Eons (an excerpt)  September 15, 2014  (13.01.29)

Written by Larry M. Jaynes:

(excerpt taken from pages 11-16)

“. . . What I would like to do for you is to explain what I have found so that you can decide for yourself and hopefully you find this fair enough. We have minds and we can logically think on our own, and all I can honestly do is to tell you some of the things that I have reasoned out, show you some things I have learned and give you my reasons, and this may give you a springboard for fresh reflection and conviction.

The first question we will consider is how can anyone believe in and accept both the instantaneous creation of God’s divine design, and the narration of life that was developed over long periods of time? Truth is, I do, and it is relatively easy for me to do so because I understand the sequence of details about the times and ages from the words of God, and from the evidence that has been unearthed heretofore. What I mean by this is that geologists believe the age of the earth to be somewhere between 3.8 to 4.5 billion years old, since the big bang when our place in the universe started with a collection of particles that formed to become planet earth. I was also taught to accept and believe from my upbringing that the earth was only about 6 or 7 thousand years old, back to the Book of Genesis with the narrative of, “In the beginning,” which most Christians and other religions around the world teach in one variation or another.

Is there no way that both assumptions can be correct? I believe that with a rethink, yes there is! We only need to see the distance a theory can travel, and I will give you viable evidence throughout this book, and in my mind the proofs are indisputable. Ah, you may be thinking that one way is simply a diversion by referring to another dimensional world and to the physical world being somehow separate but equal or parallel universes or many-worlds interpretation or corresponding earths with alternate realities and somehow they are intertwining in some fantastic way; but no, I have no such beliefs or research to offer along these lines. However, I have found a Straight Betwixt Two (Is it the true Straight? I think so, you may decide on your own), and I’ll show you the safe passage through them that I have found so that you can view what I have seen and where we can go. We will need to send a few peacetime salvos at both sides of the aisle of the creationist and evolutionist postures now and again, but the seas of confusion will part, this I can assure you. Then you may resound with your own salvos of joy on your own voyage while you learn to navigate through the Straight and into the quiet of peaceful waters.

Briefly, let us examine the main religious belief regarding the timing of the creation. Over the centuries there have been plenty of biblical theologians who have studied the genealogies of the Bible’s ancestral family lines from both directions of before and after the flood of Noah to produce some very logical calculations of when the earth should have begun or did begin. The age of Noah sets the perfect timepiece for such a research project.

This is very tedious research; I know how difficult the undertaking was because I worked it out myself with about thirty sheets of paper all taped together in a scroll; this was way before the aids of charts and spread sheets that are now available on computers. I followed and marked with chronological charts, graphs, and timelines following each age of every person who was born through Noah’s bloodline both backward and forward. On this chart I was able to link them all together, and therefore I was able to deduce relative time connections of every generation from Adam up through to the birth of Christ, and from the first century to the present was an easy calculation. I was not looking for dates, but for time and links from Adam to Jesus (Luke 3:22-38).

Another interesting point was even with all the super long ages of many of the people recorded from the pre-flood period in all the beget passages not one of them lived beyond the moment when Noah entered into the ark, and I checked and rechecked all of them ― the perfect calculation in Scripture was utterly astounding to me. This was before I knew of other documented studies which I was so glad to read and compare with my studies that provided me with some reasonable confirmation. I had a lot of fun studying and learning about the minute details found in the most unlikely places such as in the “begets” which befuddled me before my research began, then I saw the logic behind all those names and their placements. Often it is the meaning of the names that reveal deeper truths that are hidden in plain sight when discovered and brought up to the surface.

Biblical researches have reasoned out many different assumptions regarding how old the world should be from these biblical generation figures. There have been others who have simply added a year or more to each of the days mentioned in Genesis chapter one to stretch-out and capture more lost time; however, there is no basis for us to follow suit and apply this type of theoretical math. We will be sticking to one twenty-four hour cycle equals one whole day which will become very important to us when we enter the first week of Genesis.

There were two renowned men of letters of whom we are told in the historical records were totally unaware of each other’s research, and still both of them came to the same basic conclusions. One man was Bishop James Ussher (aka Usher; c.1581-1656) the Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland, and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity College in Dublin who was highly respected as a churchman and as a scholar. In 1650, he published his book Annales Veteris Testamenti, A Prima Mundi Origine Deducti (Annals of the Old Testament, deduced from the first origins of the world). He calculated that God had created the earth in 4004 BC, stating in the first paragraph of his “Annals” that, “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, which beginning of time, according to this chronology, occurred at the beginning of the night which proceeded the 23rd of October in the year 710 of the Julian period [or in 4004 BC].” 

A decade before Bishop Ussher, the honorable Doctor John Lightfoot (c.1602-1675), who was an Anglican clergyman, rabbinical scholar, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge had already arrived at Ussher’s estimate of 4004 October 23 BC, but instead of the evening as Ussher derived, Lightfoot derived 9 AM. It is astounding that two different, esteemed scholars calculated the same date, and yet this seems to be the case as the records show us. And still not a bad timepiece even if the latter did peek at the former, he concluded his date with only about a twelve hour difference while corroborating the latter. With all respect to the men and to the precise year, both of these men were incorrect as any geologist can prove almost without effort from any rock they may pick up in the backyard.

A Russian orthodox, evolutionary geneticist named Theodosius Dobzhansky put it this way in an essay, “Creation is not an event that happened in 4004 BC; it is a process that began some 10 billion years ago and is still under way.” This essay was published in 1973 in The American Biology Teacher, volume 35, on pages 125-129. He certainly must have drawn on the figures of both Ussher and Lightfoot. Yet, with a rethink of all the calculations of religion and presented facts of the sciences of today, this text before you will prove that both the religious 4004 BC timing as well as the scientific estimates of 3.8 to 4.5 billion years are both close to the truth of the timing of creation and this earth, but not for the reasons the reader may imagine at this moment, and this book will be showing how the two actually fit perfectly into the Creator’s grand scheme of creativity in universe and world making. The process of unveiling the answer will begin before the reader finishes this Introduction.

To the question, how can someone reconcile both scientific and religious dating of the same creation when they are billions of years apart? The answer honestly comes down to saying, “I have seen the whole process and it makes sense to me in every detail.” I would liken the explanation to that of discovering the answer to a “who done it” mystery novel or movie or the magician’s “sleight of hand” or a “brain twister” game or riddle, but once you know the secret and see how it was done, well then, all becomes clear. Then you realize the simplicity of the thing done and how it all works and then wonder how you could have ever been so fooled into seeing and/or hearing it in a way that would cause you to have originally comprehend it the wrong way. Once you know the answer, the mystery at once disappears and then all is self-evident in clarity of thought.

Under normal circumstances once we know how a thing is done, the zing of its initial mystery disappears because we gain the working knowledge of it; however, in our case the answer will cause the heart to bubble over with more and more enthusiasm. The whole answer is quiet simple once uncovered and brought out into the light, but this endeavor will take some time to unveil the whole thing for you with all the nuances, so let us be on our way through the straight and into the light of liberating truths. . .” 


The Voyage Begins ― Straight Betwixt Two

Rethinking Premises, Principles, Perspectives, and Peripheries


“. . . In the passage of Genesis 1:1 we read that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” and according to Isaiah 45:18, He “created it not in vain.” It is also clear from Deuteronomy 32:4 that all of “his work is perfect” meaning everything He created was created in perfection. However, by the time of the passage of Genesis 1:2 we read that “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Right up front in Genesis we learn that something changed the entire creation from perfection in the light of creativity into something of imperfection in the void of darkness.

In Genesis somewhere between verses 1 and 2 something of a cataclysmic nature and events occurred because that perfect work we read about in Genesis 1:1 became without form, and void! There are untold ages between those two verses, and untold eons of unaccounted time between verses 2 and 3 where the passages of Scripture reveal to us echoes of devastation and extinctions in and of the original creation and its life followed by a reconstruction project of the newer heavens and earth and its new life, which commenced beginning at the first of Genesis with verse 3 - thus we have our title Geneses - the plural of Genesis!

From the first Apostle we further learn that “the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished” (II Peter 3:5-6). In the following study you will find the why, when, where, and how of the mostly unrealized destruction of the first heavens and earth. From the pen of Peter we find out that there was indeed a past world; it was the first creation of Genesis 1:1, and Peter also tells us what it was that finally destroyed both the heavens and the earth ― water, the former heavens and earth was overflowed with water, {and it} perished! The passages relating to the distinction of the world that then was actually is accentuated throughout the entire Bible. Many writers of the Holy Texts fill in details of these events, commencing with Moses in Genesis chapter one - thus we have our title Geneses - the plural of Genesis!

Peter further advances the narrative in verse 7, “the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store” meaning that there had to have been a first set of heavens and earth and that we live on the second earth and above we view the amphitheater of the second heavens. These were reconstructed rather than recreated as this study will clarify for you. We are informed that the world that then was overflowed with water where in early Genesis 1:6-10 the Creator displaces to the outer firmament the bulk of water that destroyed the first heavens and earth, and reestablishes this present earth (for His man), the very same heavens and the earth, which are now - thus we have our title Geneses - the plural of Genesis!

Only through knowing these eternal truths of the two heavens and earths will we have the correct time and place for all of our paleontological and geological evidence to fit perfectly into both the sciences and the Scriptures. We can well conclude that all the fossils and remains from the antediluvian ages that are unearthed belonged to the world that then was, and as a result, we may remove all the friction caused by modern theories regarding the first and second heavens and earth leading to the misconception that there is only one continuous world - thus we have our title Geneses - the plural of Genesis!

The Apostle advances his readers in II Peter chapter 3 beyond the world that then was and further beyond the heavens and the earth, which are now by informing us in verse 12 that we are to “look for new heavens and a new earth,” bringing his readers’ view to the expected future with a third set of new heavens and a new earth - thus we have our title Geneses - the plural of Genesis! . .”

The above excerpt is from Geneses, Chapter One (pages 9-12), the whole chapter may be instantly downloaded as a PDF file onto your computer or digital reading device and is available for purchase ($2.00) at the following address:

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